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Rules for the Enemy Territory JTF 1on1 SpeedCup are:
  • All players are required to be connected with tz-ac.
  • Grand Final match will be played on gamesTV.org server where all players will compete each other.
  • All players must idle in #JTF during the Cup.
  • A team gets disqualified after there has been evidence of any kind of bug abuse.
  • Global3 is the config that will be used during the cup.
  • Side is allowed!
  • Both players pick a map in the semi-final & final.
  • For any further questions, or unclear statements, you must contact an admin.
  • You are not allowed to either disturb or block the opponent who is trying to set a fast time on the map.
  • Selfkilling is not allowed!
  • When the map starts you only get one try. You can only restart when your opponent agrees you can. (In case you forgot to be engineer or something)
  • In case there is an argument on who is going to start, vote a cointoss.
  • The player with the better time wins the round.
  • Everyone should record their matches.
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